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Synergyo Collaborator - Aristotelis Karananos
Set Designer - Technical Manager
Born in Athens in 1970. He graduated from the Department of Mathematics (University of Athens).
He constructed the set of “The Very Lazy Dragon” (lyrics by George Hatzipieris), as well as the set used at the Cast-A-Blast & Imam Baildi concert, the exhibition “Lahza: A Moment” and the shows “Danton’s Death” (directed by Stathis Livathinos) and “Tejas Verdes”, “Dead Travellers”, “Shoot/ Get Treasure/ Repeat”, “Therapenides”, “Delirium Tremens”, “Las Heridas del Viento” (SYNERGY-O).
He has worked as set designer for the shows “Stin kouzina tis Plath - Viciousness in the Kitchen”, “Contra el Progrès”, “EXODUS”, “O pardalos papagalos”, “Short version Medea”, “The Diary ot Adam and Eve”, “The Nose”, “1911 - Alexandros Papadiamantis” and “Phaidra” at SYNERGY-O.