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Synergyo Collaborator - Ioanna Valsamidou
Amate Performance
Ioanna Valsamidou was born in Athens. She entered the field of Theatre Studies and completed a Master Degree in the department of Psychology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. She is the head of Choros Drasis since 2013, which is the national collaboration between the National Theatre of Greece and KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent People). Choros Drasis is offering theatre workshops to all members of vulnerable groups: dependent people, prisoners, refugees and immigrants, disabled. She is collaborating as a researcher, dramaturg and assistant director with artists of documentary theatre: Rimini Protokoll, Lola Arias, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Anestis Azas, attending Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Athens, Onassis Cultural Center. She is co-founder of the theatre group Amate Performance, having co-directed the series of artistic interventions under the title "An-estios", with the attendance of homeless population. She has completed a four - year training in psychodrama and an one - year training in family constellation. She is a PhD. candidate in Europa Viadrina Universitaet (Germany). Her dissertation is based on biographical theatre research, on "The Gambler" by F. Dostoyevsky. The theatre research started in October 2015, with the collaboration of Yolanda Markopoulou and the participation of people who were occupied with excessive gambling in the past. A theatre performance is planned to be presented in October 2016, inspired by the "Gambler" and structured on the basis of real biographical elements.